Soul Connection Session

Enter a deep state of meditation effortlessly to experience higher consciousness… Through this deep meditation session through color, light, and sound, you can raise your vibration and safely open yourself up to higher levels of awareness!

This 60 minutes session includes…

  • Reclining in the very comfortable OmColorLite chair
  • Deep meditation music layered with Binaural Beats and color sound frequencies
  • Brainwave Entrainment session program specifically for higher consciousness
  • Intuitive consult for guidance regarding your experience

Higher levels of awareness can center on the connection between the mind, body and spirit. They can also involve an ability to awaken the chakras, activate dormant DNA, and gain entry into higher plains of existence to access information that lies deep within you!

Why would you want to do this?

  • Gaining a better understanding of self Tap into the mind/body/spirit connection. When consciousness is raised, you can “see” more clearly. When the subconscious is tapped into during an exploration of self, this part of the mind can even help you gain an edge in life, project more positive energies and assist in the breaking of bad habits or the developing of good ones.
  • Gaining access to untapped powers – Deep meditation and awareness on a spiritual level has been said to awaken powers in some individuals that transcend the everyday. Astral awareness, psychic abilities, telepathy,  and more are all linked to operating on a higher level of consciousness.
  • Meet and communicate with your spirit guides! We are not alone and we always have divine help waiting to assist!
  • To simply experience a blissful state without years of training and distractions impeding your progress!


This session is $85 per hour session.