Medical Intuitive Reading


Sheri Rathburn is gifted as a medical intuitive, an empath, and a master healer. She puts into practice the the ancient art of “reading” an individual’s body and energy field.  Compared with a general intuitive reading, She receives clear and detailed visual images as well as verbal and energetic information through her gifts of Clairtangency and Clairvoyance.

Sheri’s medical intuitive gifts guide her directly to the root cause of a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms. WHY is this person sick, unhappy, in pain? 

She “sees” chemical and neurological imbalances, physical, psychological, emotional and karmic traumas and blockages in the organs and tissues throughout the body, and receives insight as to the initial trauma, injury or event (or multiple-causal factors that triggered the blockage or imbalance that ultimately manifested as an illness or condition.) With this information, her goal is to assist the client in resolving the root cause of the problem through natural means.

The information Sheri receives includes precise descriptions of the most efficient “homework” responsibilities of the client, as well as the suggested healing methods to be employed by herself or another practitioner. The self-empowering “homework” information frequently includes specific cleansing and detoxification techniques, dietary and herbal plans, meditation, and other recommendations. She is a Master Healer/Teacher, who combines energy healing, sound healing, tuning forks, acupressure, and DNA activation sessions for physical/emotional trauma release in her follow-up healing sessions with clients.

What is a Medical Intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive uses medical intuition, which seeks to name the Root Cause or Original Trigger of a complaint, illness or disease, or to proactively discover the imbalance before it becomes disease or illness. Unlike a psychic reading, a Medical Intuitive Reading provides an  anatomical and psychological profile of the Root Cause(s) or Core Imbalances. The Medical Intuitive traces an imbalance back to its source location (specific muscles, bones, organs, glands, chakras, aura) and time frame, when the client’s body was unable to restore homeostasis through normal mechanisms. A Medical Intuitive Reading includes information about toxins, illness residues, physical injuries, imbalances caused by electro-magnetic fields (EMF), emotional holding patterns, and much more. A Medical Intuitive Reading also includes an action plan to empower the client’s resolution or healing of the Root Cause of their condition, concern, complaint, or illness.

Important Facts:

  • A Medical Intuitive Reading is NOT a Medical Diagnosis.
  • Sheri Rathburn is NOT a medical doctor nor can she provide a medical diagnosis.
  • A Medical Intuitive relies on intuitive guidance and insights to receive the information.
  • The goal is to determine the Root Cause(s)/Core Imbalances that require resolution, in order to restore balance 
  • A Medical Doctor uses the Allopathic Medical Model to name or categorize a cluster of symptoms, which is not necessarily focused on the “why” or Root Cause.
  • A medical Intuitive Reading is meant to supplement but NOT replace the care of the physician(s) you currently work with.
  • A Medical Intuitive Reading is NOT just for people with serious health problems.
  • Medical Intuitive Readings are always done in person at Om2Ohm.
  • Clients may record the reading  to assist him or her in the healing process.
  • Session Duration is typically one hour but more time may be arranged for an additional fee.

Session Fee: $95