Past Life Regression Session


What is a past life regression session?

A past-life regression recalls scenes, feelings and memories from another lifetime that one has lived as though it were happening now. YOU create a focus or intention for the session. This is followed by guided meditation and deep relaxation which enables you to access important subconscious memories from this lifetime or another. The subconscious, in its infinite wisdom, will selectively reveal what is appropriate and healing for your current life situation. Some people see glimpses of several past lives; others may delve into one specific past life in more detail; another may discover important repressed memories from the current lifetime. Oftentimes people feel they are “making up” the past life memories. As you become more comfortable with the process, you will discover that this information is valuable and authentic and contributes to your healing and well being. Some people have very vivid and emotional recall while others may have an intuitive knowing without a lot of emotion and imagery.

 Past Life Regression Sessions help you discover who you ARE by exploring who you WERE… 

It is a truly transformative session during which you will explore one or more of your past lives or future lives and will receive answers to the questions you have from your Guides and your Higher Self. When you need guidance making decisions, want to resolve emotional and health issues or want to understand your purpose in life and the events that surround you, you can turn to past life regression for assistance!

Does it work?

Absolutely.  Even if you are a bit skeptical and uncertain you should give past life regression session a chance.  And here is the beauty of it – the sessions work even if you do not believe that the experience was real.  All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.

Why will revisiting a past life help me resolve current issues?

You are connected with other lives where you have been working through similar challenges as the issues you are now facing. We also tend to reincarnate with the same group of souls so that we can work together on lessons, resolve karma, gain understanding and grow spiritually.  Through revisiting a past life you are able to understand how those challenges were handled in other lives. Simply re-living and re-experiencing creates the kind of understanding that is really transformative. This empowers you to forgive, to let go, to learn and ultimately to make different choices in your present life.  Such deep spiritual healing often translates into the healing of physical symptoms and illnesses.

What to expect:

  • This session is 1.5 hours long
  • Expect to be extremely relaxed!
  • You will be lead on a beautiful 30 minute journey with guided visualization, layered with healing music and sound.
  • This journey will lead you through at least one past life and possibly more.
  • As an option you may choose Reiki as a part of this past life regression session to remove old energetic & karmic blockages
  • A full hour Psychic Reading/Intuitive Counsel is a vital part of this session to decipher messages and help you to move forward!
  • You may record this portion of your session for future personal use.

The average session is 90 minutes long and there is quite a lot of information and guidance that comes through me to share with you. The amount of information from your guides and your highest self (your soul self) varies from person to person. This information, otherwise known as your reading, is channeled through me as your guide and messenger. I allow at least 40 minutes of this session to go over these channeled messages with you. If there is more information that comes through that will not fit within this time frame, you will have the option to add on more time during your session or via a follow up email for an additional fee. The fee schedule is listed here below:

$125 For a full 90 minutes that includes the guided visualization, reiki, sound healing, and Intuitive Counsel

$45 per 30 minutes additional time added to your session (This added time can be at the time of your session or via email after your appointment)

  • YES you may record the Intuitive Guidance portion of your session!