Pre & Post Medical Procedure Clearing and Healing


Pre and Post Surgery/Medical Procedure Clearing and Healing

Our body is our temple and when we participate in a medical procedure we want to be treated with the deep respect and care that our being deserves. Medical procedures are very intimate. From the cellular to spiritual our consciousness embraces a vast matrix of living energy that should be approached with spiritual awareness and a delicacy that will maintain the integrity of all aspects of our being. Caring for our body, heart and soul before and after major medical procedures insures that we will restore our being to wholeness.

Major medical procedures can be a source of soul loss, anxiety and dissociation when handled impersonally and without awareness of more subtle issues. It’s not uncommon for these medical procedures to have an impact far beyond the immediate experience. Physically we have repercussions that medical personal don’t recognize as connected to the surgery such as ligament/tendon/muscle and organ dysfunction, acupuncture meridian imbalance, toxicity from anesthesia or allergic reactions to medicines. Additionally emotional feelings of confusion, displacement, lethargy, anxiety, depression, and a sense of violation may occur. On a spiritual dimension the trauma may have caused a fragment of our being to split off and become disconnected.

In order to prepare for surgery or medical procedures it often helps to have a grounding and clearing session prior to as well as after the procedure to address any of the above symptoms. I also believe that when the timing of the procedure has a significant impact on it’s success. Whether the procedure involves surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or procedures that penetrate the body’s boundaries in any number of ways, it is always best to prepare yourself energetically to be in the best position to receive the optimal positive effect of the procedure and to cleanse and renew yourself after the procedure.

During a Channeled Energy Healing/Etheric cleansing & clearing session, disruptive “clumps” of energy are removed, while tremendous amounts of high-vibration, healing energy are channeled throughout your entire being.

This is done through the intuitive combination of Reiki, Sound Healing, and light/color therapy.

This allows strong Life Force energy to flow once again, resulting in significantly reduced physical pain around the injured area and significantly reduced recovery time. Thus, you enjoy a profound increase in health and vitality on all levels of your being.

First Session $125 (75 minutes) 

Subsequent Sessions $85 (60 minutes)

Once you register and pay for a session I will contact you by email to set up the appointment.