Sound Healing & Reiki!

Sound has the power to re-pattern and balance the vibration of the body, mind, and soul… 

Sheri Rathburn, owner of Om2Ohm, is a Certified Sound Healer in addition to her other specialties. These relaxing and life changing therapy sessions that she offers are unique for each person. Using her exceptional empathic and inutitive  skills coupled with Sound Healing and powerful Reiki healing, Sheri will help to release any patterns,emotions, or stuck energy. This is also an excellent way to clear and balance your chakras. The client can then easily reconnect to their deeper nature and access their own inner guidance while also achieving a much higher personal vibration!

These sessions will help to raise personal vibration, replace old patterns, and awaken awareness of new possibilities for making changes in any area of  life with more ease and confidence…

Some of the sound healing techniques used to balance, heal, and rejuvenate include: 

  • Sound Healing Room- Healing peaceful music and frequencies fill the room using surround sound and wall mounted sound transducers as you relax on a cushioned massage table.
  • Reiki Energy Healing is a part of every Sound Healing session
  • Tuning forks – which utilize the meridian systems in acupuncture, to nourish and balance the body and its surrounding biofield.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls – for balancing and bringing in healing vibrations.
  • Crystal Bowls ~ using 99.9% quartz crystal bowls for an incredibly moving and healing experience.

Sound healing Sessions don’t just just help to heal your body, mind, and spirit…They help to heal and balance your biofield…

The physical forms of all living things are cradled within their own vibrational field of consciousness. When you look at plants, animals, and people, you are seeing the visible forms that have crystallized within the envelope of their non-visible force field. This invisible envelope is their bioenergy field, or auric field. For humans, it is an energetic matrix that surrounds the body. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways. This energetic aura is like a superhighway that allows the genes (DNA) in cells to communicate at light speed and maintain a coherent holistic intelligence within your body.

Your body-consciousness cannot give you a physical diagnosis. When you make a vibrational change though, it sends a different wave-form to your physical structures. If you are receptive to change, it will have an impact that will create a cellular shift. This is a very good thing!

The cells within your body are also your inner intelligence…

Embedded in the design of our cells is a translucent, dynamic webbing that decides the cell’s direction. While the external receptors of each cell  listen to our molecules, the fabric or “”strings”” of our cells manifest action. Connecting inside with outside, the strings vibrate, push, and pull, guiding the cell into delivering what it’s supposed to. A new fluttering on its strings plays a new tune of activities. Those activities are sometimes not positive due to negative energy or illness weighing down your energy. Sheri’s gifts and expertise allow her to raise the vibration of your cells and help to push out what doesn’t belong there!

Due to the constant vibration of all human cells,  Sound Healing is an incredible (bordering on miraculous in my book!) way to shift and heal the human biofield in turn shifting and healing the inside of the body as well!

What to expect during your sound healing session:

A sound healing session is like a meditation for your body. This session is 60 minutes long. While you lie comfortably on a cushioned massage table with eyes closed and covered by a blanket, you will be surrounded by beautiful music and the vibration and sound of Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks. Your specific needs will determine what sound healing methods will be utilized. An entire session of only singing bowls may be what your body requires or what you request. Other times various tuning forks may be called for.

A scan of your energy systems of your body, your meridians, chakras and layers of your aura are assessed to determine where there are blockages and stagnant energy which needs to be cleared. Just like when you have a pinched nerve, you may have referral pain elsewhere in your body. This is why I prefer to work on your body and energy systems as a whole and focus on individual points where needed during a healing session.

Just looking for an hour of stress reduction and the balancing of your chakra energy centers? Of course! There doesn’t have to be anything that you feel you need to work on or heal to enjoy a sound healing session!

You will find that my sessions are unlike any other!  Are you ready for a tune up? 

$85 per 60 minute session