Divine Feminine Healing & Awakening!


Divine Feminine Healing and Awakening…A healing and return to your divine feminine power and wisdom. 

The Divine Feminine energy center is the most powerful energy center in a Woman’s body. It is the direct link, and the direct channel to her Goddess creation capacity! 

This miraculous energy is encoded within your womb space (also known as the Sacral Chakra and Shakti) and also births the frequency of how your life unfolds, and the experiences, people and events that come to you. Shouldn’t it be filled with light and joy? 

Our Divine Feminine essence and vitality is ruled by the Sacral Chakra. It is a place of sexuality and creativity. When it becomes unbalanced, you will start to notice that your emotions can run wild, inspiration will be blocked, fertility is impaired, and relationships will begin to form problems. Our womb is a divine container for life, creativity, immense power, and strength!

When the The Divine Feminine is wounded, shutdown, afraid and hurt, we often magnetize negative events or relationships, re-experiencing our original trauma, again and again.

Every emotional, energetic, and sexual encounter we experience imprints into this energy center which is also our Womb space. Scientists have now discovered that we carry the genetic material of past lovers within our body for up to seven years. More significant than this, is that we carry the emotional and energetic wounds with us for years and years, even our entire life, until we choose to explore, release and heal them.

When you choose to release and clear these negative imprints and attachments, you can begin to birth beauty, love and good fortune back into your life. Your Divine Feminine Center, which is your foundation, becomes secure, healthy and open. Miraculous shifts in your life and law of attraction can happen as the Womb begins to heal, regain her trust in life again, and magnetize loving support.

There is no trauma, relationship, or Ancestral/past life wound that cannot be healed, cleared and released – when we have the courage to feel it and face it.

This healing session is for you if:

  •  If you are wishing to meet your Soulmate or deepen your relationship
  • Seeking Motherhood in your life (Even if you are adopting a child!)
  • Would like to awakening your creative energy, abundance, and groundedness
  • If you have recently separated from a lover and wish to clear that energy
  • Those who have experienced deep trauma in their body
  • Seek to release and heal from a break up
  • You wish to heal Mother/Father wounds that are holding you back
  • Want to harness your raw feminine power to create the life you want
  • You wish to balance your feminine and masculine energy

Every session will be focused on what you most need to heal at that time. Sheri enters deep meditation before your arrival to gain the guidance needed so that all of the energy work during your session is relevant to your needs.

Sessions include all of the following:

  • Deep Breathwork focusing on the cleansing and clearing of the  Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra
  • Release of what isn’t serving you at through Goddess fire bowl ritual (Writing these things down & watch them go up in smoke!)
  • A beautiful Reiki and Sounding healing session focusing on the Divine feminine as well as other energy centers of the body
  • My Intuitive messages and guidance using my gifts as an empath, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, and Clairtangent.
  • Divine Feminine Blessing and awakening closing meditation.
  • You may record the Intuitive Guidance portion of your session
  • You will receive a follow up email containing guidance on moving forward and the womb blessing for you to practice on your own.

Womb Healing & Awakening is a beautiful path to healing and reconnection – opening to and embracing all of yourself and merging with the web of life,  bring you back into your primal center,  your feminine consciousness, feelings, and intuition. 

This deeply healing session is 60 minutes long

One session is $85 and a 3 session package is $195