DNA Activation & Awakening Session!

Heal yourself & experience a dramatic shift in consciousness! Release old emotional baggage and all that doesn’t serve you, heal yourself physically, and activate your DNA strand by strand through this deep private guided visualization experience.

As a Master Healer, Light Worker, and sound healing practitioner I have created this very special DNA Activation experience through the fusion of guided visualization using my voice and guided imagery, Theta Healing, specific sound frequencies, and the heightened healing energy of Om2Ohm. 

 This session WILL clear blocks and barriers, and it WILL increase your innate abilities…that amazing encoded goodness within you!

  • This Epigenetic Clearing WILL help to remove old patterns it will have a lasting benefit in your life if you attend and experience it with that intention!
  • YOU create your life while you live it…
  • You WILL attract the Universal Guidance you need…
  • Your CURRENT dominant vibration is what is attracting everything to you right now and always…ths experience WILL catapault you into a higher vibration!

I have been using this DNA Activation process with phenomenal results for several years now both as group and individual sessions. For this very special session I have combined the above with deep sound healing with crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and Reiki for a life changing and soul connecting experience!

  • Third eye and Crown Chakra opening through Reiki I Crystal bowls
  • Guided DNA Activation to help you release what isn’t serving you
  • Open up and activate to manifest what you truly desire !
  • Sound healing with sacred crystal bowls and tibetan singing bowls.
  • Reiki energy healing to aid the activation and remove energetic attachments
  • Psychic Reading and Intuitive guidance to give you the messages you need most right now!

You will also receive any messages that are channeled through me along with my Intuitive Guidance to help you move forward with this shift!

As I am giving you Reiki, I am not only a clear open channel to give you this energy work but also a clear open channel for messages and information to come through for me to share with you! Through the energy of touch, I can feel where energy may be blocked and why. I also receive images as well as verbal information from your guides and your highest self (your soul self) which I then describe and decipher for you! My gift is to see and hear exactly what you need to know most at the present time and most importantly what to do with that information!

What you put your dominant attention on now with a matching vibration, YOU WILL ATTRACT!

Are you ready to make that shift?

You are not here by accident.

Something brought you here.

This is YOUR opportunity to activate the light within you!

Take it.

This session is very deep and the messages and guidance I channel for you, in addition to the DNA Activation, is extremely detailed so plan on spending 90 minutes with me! My fee is $135 for 90 minutes including DNA Activation, reiki/energy work, sound healing, and the clairvoyant reading with guidance in moving forward.

During this session, there is quite a lot of information and guidance that comes through me to share with you. The amount of information from your guides and your highest self (your soul self) varies from person to person. This information, otherwise known as your reading, is channeled through me as your guide and messenger.

Within this hour I share with you the messages that comes through the strongest and feels of the most priority. I also guide you on how to move forward with that information!

YES you may record the Intuitive Guidance portion of your session!