Lotus Unfolding ~ Breathing Through The Whole Body

Lotus Unfolding ~ Breathing Through the Whole Body

Learn how to integrate your mind, body, and breath for healing and higher conscousness!

Learn about and experience:

  • The importance of a quiet place
  • The upright spine and your center of gravity
  • Solidity & vibration versus stillness & motion
  • The art of ‘letting go’ through the breath
  • The koan of breathing/10 techniques for peace and enlightenment
  • Calming the body & opening the mind

This training session is designed to help you understand, experience, and embrace how the stillness of mind doesn’t necessarily refer to rigid and frozen body but to QUALITY OF MIND! Explore steps to deepen the awareness of breath to unify the breath, body, and mind for more clarity, peace, and loving kindness.

  • When breath starts to flow through more and more of the body, it becomes a direct agent to healing, massaging and dissolving away any areas of tension it touches and moves through, whether it is physical or emotional!

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