Reiki II Immersion!

Reiki I Immersion ~ Deep Dive into the art of  Usui Reiki and the power of higher healing! 

Join Master Reiki Teacher Sheri Rathburn as she guides you beyond self mastery and self healing to become a strong and pure vessel for healing others. Sheri not only has years of training and expertise as a Reiki Master practitioner, she also has profound gifts as an intuitive, sound healer, and empath which deepens and strengthens her teachings.  In this workshop, it is both a passion and a calling to guide students further into the beautiful world of Reiki so that they and others may benefit from the highest quality of healing and the deepest unconditional love and compassion that it represents.

In this powerful and comprehensive professional training, you will receive everything you need to become a confident and successful Reiki II practioner. You will learn to further harness this powerful healing energy and channel it to yourself and others with confidence!


After a Reiki II training students often experience…

  • A heightened sense of intuition and psychic sense.
  • More mental clarity and a deeper mindful outlook.
  • Healing purpose is revealed.
  • A heightened ability to hold loving kindness in a deeper way for self as well as others.
  • Deeper connection to source
  • A much deeper relationship with meditation and its benefits.
  • Alignment with the innate compassion and goodness to open up to new possibilities.

Reiki II Description: This one day workshop is the follow up training to Usui Reiki Level I. This course will enable you to provide higher healing energy whether you use it for your own healing, giving treatments to friends, family, pets, incorporating elements of Reiki within your profession, or even expand to the community as a volunteer or in a private practice.

Reiki II Objectives: 

  • You will be attuned to the Reiki II symbols
  • Increase the power of your healing energy
  • Learn the many uses of Reiki in your every day life.
  • Learn how to send Reiki at a distance.
  • Learn to connect with your Reiki Spirit Guide Team & its importance!
  • Experience tools to help clear aura
  • Learn to use Reiki to clear negative energy
  • Setting up your Reiki space for sessions
  • Chakra healing with reiki
  • Advanced hand placements for healing yourself and others

Included in this workshop:

  • Reiki II manual
  • Certificate of completion
  • Inclusion in monthly group practice sessions/no extra charge
  • Membership to private Om2Reiki Facebook group page
  • 10% discount on future Om2Ohm workshops and sessions

This workshop may be taken after Reiki I Immersion has been completed (Reiki  I may have been completed elsewhere as well). Students may also take the rest of the complete class series which includes Advanced, and Master level. Each level has a new attunement which raises your energy vibrations and helps you connect more to the frequency of life. Level I attunement is a pre-req for all other levels.

Fee: $195

  • Private instruction is available for  all Reiki Training workshops for an additional $50. Upon checkout, choose your Reiki level of training, add the private training option, and then call us to schedule your private training session!



Sunday, October 09, 2016
10/3/17 1:00pm – 10/3/17 5:00pm