The Chakana Attunement: Awaken the Healer within!

For the Andean people, the key to caring for what they refer to as our physical, mental, and spiritual “temples” is held within a sacred 1,000-year-old symbol called the Chakana. In this beautiful workshop, guests will learn about and experience the incredible and powerful energy of the Chakana and learn how to embrace its energy in every day life! 

The Chakana connects us to our divine light and the healer within to help us manifest a healthy, fulfilling, and more joyful life, so we, in turn, can help and serve others.

This ancient Andean “map,” representing all cosmic and ancestral forces, provides a portal to our sacred origins — a bridge between our human life and the greater Universe!

Chakana – The Incan Cross

The stepped cross with four corners, ridged with three steps each is called the Incan cross or “Chacana”. The Chakana symbolizes the dynamic between the universe and the life it contains.

Each of the three steps of one corner is believed to have meaning and the four corners also represent the four cardinal directions:

  • The first quarter of the cross represents energetic tiers or worlds:
  • The lower world (Uqhu Pacha) represented the underworld and death
  • The middle world (Kay Pacha) represented the world of human life
  • The upper world (Hanan Pacha) included the stars, celestial beings and deities
  • The second quarter represents their revered animals, corresponding to these worlds
  • The hole in its center denotes Cusco, termed “the navel of the Inca Empire” and also represents the circle of life or the centre of the Universe.

In this 3 hour workshop, shamanic journey, and ceremony guests will learn all about the Chakana, it’s origins, energy, and mysteries as they also become attuned to its wisdom and divine power!

This is also fantastic knowledge for Healers and Reiki practitioners to use along with those modalities!

No Shamanic experience or other prerequisites are required!