Summer Solstice & Full Moon Goddess Circle!


Join other beautiful like-minded Goddess souls just like you to co-create with the energy of this Full Moon and Summer Solstice Celebration! 

The natural rhythms of the earth & auspicious days in the cosmic cycle are excellent times to cultivate new or deepen & renew our manifestation rituals.

While the Spring Equinox represents a time to plant seeds & manifest. It’s a time of fertility, growth, and new beginnings, but when the Summer Solstice is upon us, we usher in a time to develop & grow those intentions that we planted at the spring equinox!

Summer is a time of lush abundance & growth. Right now is the time of reaping rewards, harvesting and manifestation energy my Goddess sisters!

This full moon beckons us to slow down and reflect on our current life journey. This is the perfect time to do some deep soul work! Come join us for a night of deep connection, manifesting and healing!

Cleanse your energy, release that which does not serve you. Invite your guides, angels, masters, or teachers to be at your side. Create intentions, connect with your inner Goddess, and flow with the Super Moon energy!

Embrace the power of the Moon and ignite your authentic soul song with other beautiful women just like you…Enjoy being a part of this sacred monthly full moon circle! 

This Summer Solstice evening will ne filled with magic, releasing old stagnant energy and that which no longer serves us and manifesting all that we deserve as the Goddesses that we are!

We will share in rituals to honor the elements and activate our intentions!

  • Cleansing and clearing breathwork ~ Using the element of air to release, heal, & breath in new light!
  • Goddess Fire Bowl Ceremony~ Fire is a catalyst for change and transformation and allows for purification. It is associated with willpower, courage and strength. Fire can represent all that we need to release as well as our spark of imagination, the burning of passion and desire which can be generated within you and inspire your actions.
  • Full Moon infused water enhanced with pure essential Rose oil, crystals, flowers, sound healing, and Reiki to wash our hands and open our hand chakras for receiving universal healing energy!
  • Earthing and Earth Weaving~ Earth is the process of absorbing earths free flowing electrons from its surface through the souls of our feet! This is about grounding and a deeper connection with our roots! The Earth Weaving ritual is where each Goddess will bring a bit of earth or sand from a place of their choosing (the higher vibe the better of course!. We will all then mix this earth together to symbolize the sharing and support  of our magical sisterhood connection! Each Goddess will take home with her a portion of this weaved earth to keep this connection!
  • Elderberry Wine Ritual~ Elder has a long history as a magical, medicinal, and ritual tree in Celtic tradition. It was the known as the “medicine chest of the country people”. Elder Tress were treated like a living Woman and permission even had to be granted to collect her flowers and berries! We will share in homemade Elderberry wine that 2 of my closest Goddess sisters and I will create together just for this gathering!

Other beautiful and transformational offerings that our Goddess Circle will experience:

Deep shifting and transformation through Guided meditation and DNA Activation with Sheri…Enjoy being completely relaxed and guided through a visualization meditation to release fear and doubt, awaken intuition and open and activate dormant DNA strands.

You participate in the activation, experiencing the energy of it and making it more powerful.This deep meditation and 12 Strand DNA Activation utilizes color and sound. The vibrations of the sacred Solfeggio frequencies open the receptors of your cells, allowing the activation to more easily be imprinted on the DNA. Sound sets the vibration of the body at the correct rate to receive the activation at each level. The energy vibration of colors adds to the power of this activation.

Set your intentions through the power of the Full Moon…The full moon has an intense amount of energy and its important we harness it in some way. After the full moon, it wanes; it is symbolic of the closing of a chapter or reaching a goal. With the full moon, we release what doesn’t serve and connect with our new intentions. The energy of the Full Moon amplfies the energy of your intentions!I will guide you through this process of releasing the old and bringing in the new!

The Om Wishing tree… A beautiful tree sculpture born of a gorgeous boxwood tree resides at Om2Ohm and invites you to place a wish in written form upon her at every Goddess Circle! Goddesses may also bring sacred objects or crystals to be charged under the loving energy of this wishing tree! For this Summer Solstice, each of us will also be tying a ribbon of any color onto the wishing tree. The act of doing this secures the wishing intention as it is place securely on the tree!

This will be an evening  filled with extreme light, empowerment, and transformation so don’t miss it!

Wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and delicious light fare will be provided. If you would like to bring something to share, that would be incredible and appreciated! (8not required though!)

$30 per person

I HAVE JUST 28 SPOTS AVAILABLE and this very special event WILL sell out early! Every month, I unfortunately have to turn some Goddesses away because they wait until the last minute! Be sure to register today!

Friday, June 21, 2019
7:00pm – 9:30pm